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Anchor: Parents living with children who self-harm

Anchor is a support group based in Coventry, UK, aiming to tackle immediate issues faced within vulnerable families, focusing on, but not limited to, the parents and care givers of those affected by self-injury and attempted suicide.
The project is also linked to dealing with anti-social behaviour in the local community/city of Coventry; often, children and young adults who self-injure are experiencing mental health issues which manifest in anxiety, depression and distress, which can lead to outward behaviour and activities that are classified as ‘anti-social’, such as misuse of alcohol and drugs, destruction of property, petty theft and violent behaviour towards self and others.
We provide a support group (every month) for those living with or caring for children or young adults who self-injure or attempt suicide. We aim to explore issues, offer discussion and support on a group or individual basis, in an informal (not professional) advice in a group setting around coping mechanisms for all affected.
We are looking to work with as many partners as we can, to raise awareness of the signs of this particular issue, as a way to help others identify early symptoms and behaviours in people we know and care for, to try and avoid them going on to self-injure, or attempt suicide; this includes, but is not exclusive to, talks in schools/youth groups/ churches (or any other such places where young people and families gather).
For more information about Anchor, please email anchor@stlaurences.org telephone 07340531684 or contact us through the Anchor Facebook page

If you are are a young person or parent in need of help now, please contact one these organisations:

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