This autumn, we’re excited to be launching invest – our internship programme for 18-30’s here at St Laurence’s Church.

What is INVEST?

Invest is a 10 month part-time internship programme at St Laurence’s Church. It’s a year of investment, of opportunity and of transformation.

  • Investment – be part of a dynamic staff team of leaders and a learning community of young adults; with teaching, mentoring & input into the skills & character of becoming a great leader.
  • Opportunity – gain experience and new skills in real life settings within a local church serving our local community through an internship placement.
  • Transformation – learn to grow as a leader and a follower of Jesus as you discover your calling, clarify your vision & grow deeper into your identity.

When does it run?

Invest is a part-time, flexible programme allowing those taking part to continue part time work or part time study. It runs from for 10 months from September 2021 until June 2022.

The weekly commitment is 2.5-3.5 days a week, depending on what you can offer:

  • 1 Teaching Day at St Mark’s Academy, Coventry city centre. This will be on Thursdays. You can read more about the St Mark’s Academy here
  • 1 or 2 Placement Days at St Laurence’s Church, Old Church Road. This could be on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on placement opportunities.
  • Sunday morningsServing at our Sunday service at St Laurence’s Church
  • Other opportunities throughout the year by mutual agreement with your placement supervisor.

How much does it cost?

The year is FREE to take part. It is our hope that some interns will be able to work part-time in an employed setting beyond the internships to help support their year.

We are also developing a bursary award of up to £5,000 per year to enable those who may need financial support to take part in Invest. If this is something you would be interested in, please mention this during your application or interview. This award may be means tested.

‘We want to INVEST in the next generation: to help them become confident leaders & agents of change’

Who is Invest for?

Invest is primarily for younger adults between the ages of 18-30 who are looking to:

  • Grow as leaders in every area of life and explore their calling, vocation & skills to be agents of change in the world
  • Grow as disciples of Jesus, deepening their understanding and experience of Christian faith within a church community
  • Gain practical life experience of serving their local community in a workplace setting
  • Learn to take on new responsibilities and try new things
  • Have loads of fun along the way!

You don’t have to have any particular previous experience in the workplace or working for a church, just an openness to learn, try things out, invest your time and hopefully learn loads along the way.

We especially welcome applications from under-represented groups within the Church of England, including Global Majority Anglicans / United Kingdom Minority Ethnic individuals.

What are the placement opportunities at St Laurence’s?

We want to offer a wide range of learning & placement opportunities primarily based around the individual gifts, skills & interests of our interns – however, the sorts of areas interns could be joining in with might be:

  • Children’s & Families Work
  • Media & Communications
  • Hope Hub / Foodbank
  • Administration

How do I find out more?

We’re having a joint opening evening with St Mark’s Academy on Tuesday 20th July. If you are interested, please contact Gareth Irvine (St Laurence’s Church) or Rachel Atkinson (St Mark’s Academy)

How do I sign up?

Please complete the application below and return it to by 26th July 2021. Interviews will take place on Wednesday 28th July (or by mutual agreement).

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